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Buttons! you no longer have to worry about monsters under your bed! ive been shoving corpses under there, so the monsters cant fit!

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the world doesn't suck Buttons! there is people like you out there making a difference! then there are beautiful people like Meg helping people like you make a difference, you just don't see them as much, but they are there! *wheezes excitedly*

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the aliens gonna do the probe thing with buttons bum

Look at him being all cute in his little clerk apron! <3


Theo’s Big Adventure is finally finished! It’s been a long year and three months, but my first RPG Maker game (starring characters by the excellent Kwillow!) is complete!

Theo’s Big Adventure is a simple game about a rather antisocial, easily stressed out man who must fight to complete his daily activities (such as getting the newspaper, mailing a letter, and going grocery shopping) while interacting with as few people as possible. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that—in his efforts to minimize the number of annoyances in his life, he ends up meeting several strange characters and getting roped into something bigger…

A basic playthrough of the game takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. There is also a New Game+ mode, a secret area and ending if you collect the sparkly Thing hidden in each level, and several sidequests (with rewards!), all of which will add more playtime.

Download the game here!

Awyeah! Gonna try this tonight!

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How come you never draw your backgrounds?

It’s very simple: I don’t enjoy drawing backgrounds. :D
(My Fallout drawings aren’t really portfolio/publishable material anyway and it’s much faster to work this way.)

Finally, the first page of our Fallout comic with cameronaugust is here!
Hot Potatoes is the story of how our lone wanderer, Mac lost his arm.
Next page coming soon!

Who smelled it dealt it TO THE BATMOBILE!

Cam made some sketches for our comic and……………..

&#8220;He never saw it coming!&#8221; #Brandtisabitch(Previously: x)

He never saw it coming!” #Brandtisabitch
(Previously: x)

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How did Mac lose his arm?

(We’re actually working on the comic about that at the moment! :) )



Eh I think I’m done for today, hope you got your Buttons fix. :P

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